Privacy and Cookie Policy

Below you can find our Privacy and Cookie Policy (from here on referred to as "Privacy Policy"), which you ("you" or the "user") are strongly advised to read carefully before you begin interacting with our website.

The purpose of this Privacy Policy, which applies only to (the "Company", "we", or "us") is to inform you of our established processes when it comes to handling your data, be it collection, storage, or processing, and the reasoning behind such processes having been established. We collect user data via our Site (the "Site") for a number of different reasons, which are described further below.

Our Site was created with the purpose of informing users about different online gaming websites and their features, how they compare to each other and what kind of products they offer. It also provides users with general news about the online gaming industry. Whenever we feel that this will be helpful, we include hyperlinks within our content, some of which may lead users to third-party websites (which are referred to as the "Services", together with the Site).

While such third-party websites are our business partners and affiliates, they are not part of the Company, and as independent companies and sites, they have their own privacy policies to guide their handling of user data. If you follow any of these hyperlinks, you should read their privacy policies before you submit any information to the third-party websites. The current Privacy Policy only covers data that has been submitted directly to our Site, and we carry no responsibility for any data submitted to other websites.

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Types of information collected

Non-personal Information

The only type of information that our Site gathers about its users is anonymous data, which cannot be used to identify you. This kind of data is officially called "Non-personal Information" and will be referred to as such from here on forth.

Most of the data we collect about you is taken directly from your web-enabled device, and more specifically your browser of choice, and it concerns technical data about your device and browser, your language of preference on our Site, information about how often you access our Site and how often, what you do on it, which links you click on it, and where you go next from there. Such information is used mostly for technical and marketing purposes, as a way of making our Site more appropriate to your needs and interests.

Most websites nowadays use 'cookies' in order to collect useful data about the ways users interact with them, without disturbing the users themselves. Cookies are tiny computer files sent via the internet, which are created and sent every time a user accesses a website. These cookies collect information about your internet and website preferences and choices so that websites can be updated and redesigned to provide users with the services they are interested in. There are different types of cookies used by our Site for different purposes:

  • Persistent cookies – these are cookies which are kept by browsers and websites for a long time (usually not longer than 12 months) as different users' data is aggregated and analysed for trends in website usage, and for ways in which websites can be improved. While such cookies are not used directly by our Site, they are used by our affiliates as a way of understanding user needs. Persistent cookies can be divided into two types:
    • Functionality cookies - these cookies distinguish different users from each other (anonymously) so that websites can present them with a more personalized experience. This could include language and other preferences;
    • Performance/Analytical cookies - such cookies collect user data in bulk and analyse it for trends and preferences so that websites can be redesigned and improved for smoother and more satisfying use.
  • Session cookies – these cookies are short-lived: they are created when a user accesses the Site and they are called session cookies because they are deleted upon ending the browsing session by closing the browser. Session cookies are used by our Site in order to understand our users' needs better. While these cookies can be switched off manually via your browser's settings, that may slow down the Site or lower its performance.

When you use our Site you are agreeing to our use of the above types of cookies in order to collect anonymous data about you and understand your needs better.

Your browser gives you the option to disable the use of cookies entirely. It is important to note that by doing that you may reduce the performance of our Site and all other websites that you access, or turn off certain of their capabilities and functions.

It is important to remember that this Privacy Policy is only applicable to our Site and the content on it. Any information submitted to our Site is treated according to the procedures listed in this Privacy Policy. If you click on any links on our Site which take you to third-party websites, you leave our Site and this Privacy Policy stops being valid. Upon entering third-party websites, even via hyperlinks on our Site, you are strongly advised to read their Privacy Policy first before submitting any information to them. Third-party websites and their data processing policies lie outside of the Site's responsibilities.

Using user information

We gather information from our users for the following reasons:

  • To collect data, tabulate it and analyse it for trends and patterns among the user activity on the Site;
  • To ensure that both the data collected and the Site are always safe and secure;
  • To update and modernize the Site according to feedback from users;
  • To update and streamline the Site according to the technical user data collected via cookies;
  • To ensure that our content reflects the users' needs.

The only situation in which this information may be shared with third parties without your prior and informed consent may be if we are requested to share data with official courts of law or equivalent entities that have followed all relevant laws and procedures to obtain such information.

Sharing your information

There are other parties we may need to share your information with, with your prior consent, given when you agree to this Privacy Policy. These are:

Third-party service providers

Our third-party affiliates do certain tasks for us, for which they may need access to the anonymous data we collect from you. They may use this information for the following tasks:

- Aggregating and analysing user data in order to analyse the way in which the Site is functioning;
- Providing you with useful and interesting promotional information.

In the case of us providing your information to third-party service providers for the sake of carrying out data analysis for the Company, the third-party companies treat and secure your data in the ways listed in this Privacy Policy.

Other disclosures

Other companies to which we may need to grant controlled access to your anonymized data include our financial auditors, our business advisers and any other business partners and subsidiaries who help us maintain our Site and its services and help us improve them in ways that make them more interesting and relevant to our users.

If we become involved in a major business transaction, such as a buy-out, a merger, or a sale of our business or part of the business, the data we collect from our users may need to be shared with the potentially involved parties.

Beyond the above-listed organizations, we are also required to share the data in our possession with government organizations or courts of law, if we are legally requested to do so and all conditions to fulfil such a request are met. The situations that may involve such an action may include cases of needing to enforce legal or Company policies and rights of the Company, its business associates, or its users; having to take action against illegal actions, suspicious business or monetary activity, or fraud; contesting a legal claim against the Company or its associates; and protecting the Company's security, or that of its business partners or users.

Security and transfer of information

We have very strict policies and procedures in place to ensure that our security and the security of all data in our possession is as strong as our means allow it to be. To do this, we use the strongest available security measures and follow strict procedures for handling and storing data. We follow all legal regulations for securing data, and only store data for the minimum legal period required after we have finished processing it. We are not liable for any data breaches or data misuses that happen outside of our control.

Nevertheless, the internet as a medium is a huge network spanning a large number of computers, servers and separate networks, and as such it is very hard to police and secure. While we engage in the best protection of our Site that is currently available, we are aware that any transfer of data over the internet still continues to carry a certain amount of risk with it, and as such we do not take any responsibility for any data leaks that may occur. All responsibility for transferring data over the internet remains at the user's risk.

As a global organization, the Company has branches in different parts of the worlds, which include, but are not limited to, the European Union (the "EU"). This means that while we are bound by our own internal policies, we must also follow the laws of different countries and unions, which may not always offer the same amount of security when it comes to data transfers and management. As far as it is possible, the Company endeavours to follow the same or equivalent levels of care when handling user data, regardless of the countries it is operating in. By allowing us access to your anonymous data, you agree with the above conditions described in this Privacy Policy.


Our Site and its content have been created and designed with adult users in mind. It is strictly forbidden for minors to access our Site or to submit any data to it. Any data found in our possession that is proven or suspected to belong to a minor will be erased immediately. If you suspect that information has been submitted to us by a user below the age of 18, we kindly request that you inform us immediately.

Privacy Policy updates

The current version of our Privacy Policy reflects all current legal requirements that apply to online gaming and data protection. As such, we advise you to acquaint yourself with its contents. Being a policy that is dictated by current laws and Company regulations, this document will be regularly updated when our Company policies or other legal regulations that involve us and online gaming change. Whenever we make such updates, we will inform you of them via our newsletter or our Site.

If you continue to use our Site once such notifications have been sent out, we will take your continued use for an agreement to our updated Privacy Policy.

Information about us

This Privacy Policy enlists our current procedures and reasoning behind them for collecting and storing data collected from our users. If you have any further questions or comments about it, you can email us on Personal information submitted via information queries is not processed.