Developed by: Microgaming
Spingo gameplay screenshot
Spingo gameplay screenshot
Spingo gameplay screenshot
Spingo gameplay screenshot
Spingo gameplay screenshot
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  • Vibrant colours and graphics
  • Merges roulette and bingo gameplay
  • Good range of possible bet sizes
  • Quirky soundtrack
  • Double the excitement in every spin

Spingo Review

We’re never quite sure how to categorise Spingo since the game walks a fine line between bingo and roulette. Review sites do so in a couple of different ways but, for our part, we call it a roulette game.

After all, the game certainly looks a lot like roulette, and it’d be difficult to argue that it wasn’t at the forefront of Microgaming developers’ minds when they came up with Spingo. The game is certainly unique and would almost certainly never work in a land-based casino because of all the moving parts involved!

And we have more good news – the game is so easy to learn that you can pick up and play virtually immediately after taking just a quick glance at the rules. Or, for a bit more practice, try the game out in free play mode first.

Hits and Misses

Game Hits

  • Totally new roulette-esque mechanics
  • Offers all sorts of new bets to try
  • Enough of a bet size range to suit everyone
  • Great visuals and a catchy theme song
  • Something a bit different to what you’re used to!

Game Misses

  • Higher house edge than other roulette variants
  • Takes a little while to get used to
  • May not have the staying power of “true” roulette
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Rating Breakdown


5 / 5

Gameplay & Excitement

4.5 / 5

Graphics & Sound

4.5 / 5

Mobile Experience

4 / 5

The Theme

Rated 5/5 for theme quality

Top marks for this section of our Spingo review! With a considerable twist on the traditional look of roulette, Spingo does a fantastic job of bringing bright colours and glamour to the table in a completely new way.

The game is a million miles away from bingo games down at your local church hall, with a glitzy sophisticated feel that could have sprung straight from one of the top casinos in Las Vegas. Even the name is energetic and fun to the extent that it makes you want to shout it every time you win.

Spingo Theme

Spingo Theme

Gameplay & Excitement

Rated 4.5/5 for gameplay

It’s always exciting to find a new casino game that you love, and the fact that Spingo is closely related to roulette doesn’t change that in the slightest. Actually, it makes it even better as it allows the game to feel both fresh and familiar at the same time.

Getting totally used to the mechanics of the game might take a few spins but bets like 1-5/6-10 and odd/even help to bridge the gap between roulette and Spingo, giving new players something to get started with until they figure out how it all works.

Spingo is particularly exciting because, depending on your bet, there are a couple of results you need to pay attention to with every spin – the numerical value of the ball and the colour of the slot it lands in. Twice the fun!

Graphics & Sound

Rated 4.5/5 for graphics and sound

In Spingo, as you would expect, the wheel and bingo ball dispenser are at the centre of the action and dominate more than half the screen. They’re beautifully rendered, with slick animations and realistic reflections that catch your eye as the wheel spins. The layout of the table itself is simply intuitive, and the History section on the left will appeal to keen Spingo trackers.

In a nice departure from the usual short piano loop and casino crowd noise, Spingo has its own theme song that has more than a touch of Daft Punk about it! That’s easy enough to mute as and when it starts to grate…just make sure you do so before the catchy tune gets stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

Spingo Graphics

Spingo Graphics

Mobile Experience

Rated 4/5 for mobile experience

With its bright and bold user interface Spingo already feels a bit like a mobile game so, if you can find a casino that offers it, it’s definitely one that’s worth checking out on your smartphone or tablet.

Older devices might struggle to keep up with the game’s slick animations but, for the vast majority of our readers, this won’t be an issue. The table itself is relatively uncluttered and, with a bit of care, you should be able to get used to placing bets on your touchscreen without any problems.

Spingo played on Mobile and Tablet

Spingo played on Mobile and Tablet


Rated 4.5/5 overall

Some casino software developers take the view that the games everyone knows, such as roulette or baccarat, are classics for a reason and shouldn’t be messed with. But one need only look as far as all of the variations of blackjack that are available to know that there’s always room for innovation!

Spingo is just that: a mashup of two popular casino games, and a true innovation in the casino space. It already has a cult following and we wouldn’t be surprised to see it appear in more and more casinos, maybe even making the move into land-based venues in the future. Watch this space…

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