Your Guide to Roulette Bonuses

Learn everything you need to know about casino bonuses

If you’ve spent even a couple minute searching for a roulette site, you’ve likely seen more than your share of flashy banner adverts compelling you to visit an online casino. Of course, casinos use more than just glitzy graphics and great games to get your attention.

They also offer hundreds of pounds for free, complimentary spins, and other perks to get you to come through their virtual doors. Although there is usually some fine print, the cash you stand to receive is real. In fact, bonuses are one of the biggest reasons why more Brits prefer playing online.

Yet before you choose the first offer you see, it’s worth taking the time to understand how bonuses work. Whether you plan on playing roulette or any other casino game, we’ll get you up to speed. Keep reading and discover what you need to know about online casino bonuses.

What are Casino Bonuses?

Casino bonuses aren’t hard to wrap your head around. They’re simply incentives that casinos offer players to sign up or deposit.

Although bonuses come in many shapes and sizes, you’re most likely to encounter a casino welcome bonus. These offers are designed to get new players to sign up and deposit real money, although you can occasionally get free spins or even a smaller amount of cash without having to fund your account.

Most welcome bonuses are match bonuses. In other words, the casino will match your deposit by a set percentage up to a certain amount.

A casino might advertise a 100% deposit bonus up to £300. In this situation, the casino will double the amount of your initial deposit, but there’s a £300 maximum. If you were to deposit £40 you would receive an extra £40 to play with for a total of £80. Yet because there is a £300 cap, you would only receive an extra £300 on a £700 deposit.

How to Claim Your Bonus

It’s easy to claim a casino bonus. When you follow the links featured on this site, we’ll direct you to the casino’s registration form. The casino will be able to tell that we sent you through our special link and they’ll make sure you receive the bonus offer that’s featured on our site.

If you already have a casino account and are claiming a bonus, you may be required to enter a special code when making your deposit. You can find codes on our site or in a promotional email from your gambling site.

Why Casino Bonuses Are Important

To put in another way, the games are built so that over time the casino takes in more money from players than it pays out to winners. That’s true even when the games are fair.

Just take a look at a standard European roulette wheel and you’ll notice that the presence of the zero gives the house a small advantage since you’ll have less than a 50% chance of winning an even money bet. Yet bonuses can ultimately give you a leg up.

When you claim a bonus, the casino will add free cash to your bankroll, which effectively subsidises some of your spins. Whether you plan on raising the stakes or just want to play for longer periods of time, you won’t have to spend as much of your own money to do so.

With more money to play with, you might just find yourself on a lengthy winning streak. Everybody knows that winning with house money is even sweeter. Why not take the casino up on its generosity?

Why Casinos Offer Bonuses

While that’s great news for players like you, it can be difficult for a casino to attract your attention. How can a casino expect to get noticed when potential players have access to so many licensed casinos?

The answer is surprisingly simple. Casinos will actually pay players to sign up, but that’s just the beginning. Since most gambling sites offer bonuses, casinos are forced to constantly upstage each other by offering players more and more cash.

Of course, live casinos don’t face the same dilemma. Even if you live in a city like London, which has numerous places to wager, chances are you’ll just choose the casino that’s closest to you.

Of course, live venues can entice players with vibrant nightlife, delectable cuisine, and live entertainment.

How to Unlock Bonuses

If bonuses seem too good to be true, there are obvious terms and conditions. As you can probably guess, casinos won’t allow you to claim a bonus and withdraw it right away. That would put the casino out of business in a matter of days, or at least after the word got out.

Instead, casinos have playthrough or wagering requirements. As the name suggests, you’ll need to bet your money a set number of times before you can fully unlock your bonus.

For example, a casino might require you to bet 40 times the amount of your bonus. That means if you claim a £100 bonus, you would need to bet £4,000 to unlock your bonus. Fortunately, you can spread that amount over multiple bets.

The exact wagering requirements vary from site to site and even different bonus offers at the same casino may have different terms and conditions. The good news is reputable casinos are transparent about any fine print. Also, the top sites make it easy to track your progress as you unlock your bonus.

Different Types of Bonuses

Welcome Bonus

Created exclusively for new players. You can expect to receive extra cash when you sign up and deposit with a welcome bonus. Many casinos will also give you free spins and other perks as part of their welcome package.

No Deposit Bonus

You don’t necessarily need to fund your account to claim a bonus. Many casinos offer no deposit bonuses, which will reward you with free cash or free play when you sign up. Just keep in mind that these aren’t as large as welcome bonuses that require a deposit.

Reload Bonus

Bonuses aren’t just for new players. Reload bonuses are similar to welcome bonuses but are targeted to existing players.

Game Specific Bonus

Some bonuses are only valid on a particular game. These bonuses are perfect for anyone who wants to get rewarded for expanding their horizons.

Device Specific Bonus

Have you tried betting on your tablet or smartphone? Some casinos will give you an incentive to download an app or log on to their mobile site.

VIP Bonuses

Reserved for high rollers, these bonuses are typically offered to loyal players who have a habit of raising the stakes. These are often part of a casino’s loyalty programme.

Things to Keep in Mind

When claiming a bonus, it’s important to understand that not all bonuses can be used to play roulette. Many sites may let you use your bonus for American roulette but put other variations off limits.

If you prefer playing live dealer roulette, you might not be able to use your bonus at all. At some casinos, the playthrough requirements vary widely depending on the game you play.

You might find that the advertised wagering requirements are 10 times higher for roulette than slots. It’s always worth reading the fine print, especially since some bonuses have time limits. For example, you might need to meet the playthrough requirements in 30 days or your bonus cash will expire.